Black trousers

How essential are they for the office wardrobe?

In London I noticed a boring uniform in the city female workers; always dark grey or black. Seemed to me the grown up/business version of their school uniforms really. Perhaps people find comfort in such outfits.

This was in stark contrast to what I had seen throughout big European cities (mostly Lisbon, Vienna and Brussels).

The wear was not less formal but a lot more varied and colourful.

I have worked in highly formal European organisations but never wore a pair of black trousers or seen others wear them too often.

If you work in such environments (city offices, etc.), is this a wardrobe staple for you?

Do you wear them as a blank canvas against which you place colourful items or more like the board bellow?

Is it a go-to item or just for when you’re lost about what to wear?

Let me know how you feel about these!
Black trousers
Thanks for reading!

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