Review {Rose&Thorne}

Finally my review of Rose & Thorne Design is here!

I have been wanting to try and review this bra brand since I found out about it on NZGirl maybe five or six months ago now (geesh! that long ago?!).

At the time, I put it on my “to buy” list but never got around to go out and get it.

Then, one day late October/early November, I heard that Nerd Soiree was having its November meet-up at Rose & Thorne and I jumped at the opportunity to go and meet new people and get myself a new bra!

(Thanks for the op Nerd Soiree!)

{The Shop}


I met the other Soirettes and the amazing Rose&Thorne team at their lovely Cross St. shop (Auckland).

Some lingerie shops can be a bit intimidating but that is definitely not the case with this shop! I would, in fact, classify it as “welcoming”. For me, it almost has a “at home” feeling – something I would say is extremely important when shopping for underwear, particularly if you intend to get fitted!

{Getting Fitted}

It seems I am not alone in this, but I had never had a proper bra fitting before.

Getting fitted requires a degree of intimacy with a stranger that we’re not often willing to experience. And shops have obliged and made it easier for women to avoid what we think will be an awkward situation.

Shops like H&M for instance, make it easy for you to just go there, pick up a couple of bras you might like and try them on your own with whatever erroneous notions you might have of what a good fitting should be like.

It seems easier to just try a bra on your own than having to have some stranger measure you.

But the result can be quite damaging. And I do mean physically as it often occurs that we end up with the wrong size.

Personally, I didn’t really cringe at the idea of having a professional bra specialist fitting me. I have had my breasts seen by several breast specialists in the past decade (male and female), and surely it couldn’t be weirder than that! But I haven’t become completely careless, mind you! I do have to feel a degree of trust and comfort with the environment.

Fortunately, the ladies at Rose & Thorne made me feel very much at ease and the whole process of getting fitted felt very natural. I think it helped that I was informed at every step of the way of what was going to happen and what it all meant.

The fitting resulted, without surprise to them, in some surprises for me!

I ended up leaving the shop on the 15th of November with two bras, instead of just the free one that was included in the Nerd Soiree ticket. After my fitting I ended up with two options but couldn’t decide which one to pick so I bought the second one!


{The Price}

For $24.99 a piece, it couldn’t get any better!

{After almost 2 months of daily usage…}

I have been alternating usage between those two bras ever since. At first, this was just because I wanted to experience them for as long as possible before speaking my mind about them.

I was always really focused on getting bras that would not be too tight on my back, ending up with bras that were the right cup size but just too loose on the back. Result? Virtually no support! And that ended in what? Constant breast pain.

The past three years have been particularly bad as the pain on my right breast has increased and remained constant and non-cyclical. If you’ve read my family history with breast cancer here, I’ll let you imagine all the bad thoughts that have been through my mind during this time.

Living in pain without finding a reason why is one of the most frustrating feelings.

But finally, in the past couple of months, I have started to consider that the origins of my pain experience could be in the ill-fit of my previous bras!

The fact is, since I have been wearing only my two Rose & Thorne bras my breast pain has ceased. And this is why I wanted to try them for at least one full cycle, just to be sure of what I was experiencing.

Now that I have been without pain for almost two months, after at least 3 years of constant pain, I couldn’t recommend Rose & Thorne highly enough!

If you’re in New Zealand, do pay them a visit. Not only do they make it extremely simple for you to find your right size but also their bras are of extremely high quality. Plus, their designs are super cute and inexpensive!

Check out their website and facebook page to find out about stockists and other info.

Or have a look at this video which explains their awesomeness (cue: they listened to the customer!).

{Would I buy again?}

Most definitely! I am already looking forward to go back and get myself my third bra!


If you’re not in New Zealand, do find someone you trust and get fitted. Find your perfect bra size for your own health and well-being. 


Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Review {Rose&Thorne}

  1. I have 9 of their wonderful bras and they are my absolute favs! I just bought 4 new ones the other day they are that brilliant. I have not found a better fitting or shaped bra with this quality in years. My first were purchased over a year ago if my memory serves me correctly and even after constant wear they are not much different to the new ones in wear, not stretched or ripped still look feel and fit perfectly! I strongly urge you to go and buy one and see what I mean and I’d be hugely surprised if you were not totally satisfied!

    • I am also really happy with mine. I tell all the ladies I know about them and keep getting my friends to go an check them out. Everyone comes back really happy about it all 🙂

  2. I am definitely interested to go check out the store. For me I have to hop on line and order from America as no one in NZ does my size to fit me properly. Thats the great thing about being all different sizes and shapes. Also lovely to have another ‘retail experience’ to look forward to. There are some great stores around Cross Street. Thanks.

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