Sample Bar {December}

Another month, another box.


This time there was a bit more variation in the boxes, it seems.

Here’s what mine had.



I was not familiar with any of these brands. I think I might have heard about Scarlett&Greene since I got to New Zealand, but have never tried any of the products.


Except for the spray tan (I really don’t need it, thanks), I am pretty happy about these. 

Filling in that questionnaire was worth it!

The nail polish is exactly the type of colour I am into (no pastels for me!!). Plus, it’s  the one dark colour missing from my collection that I wanted to get. And the ‘Wide Awake’ palette!? I’ve been wanting to get an eyebrow powder for ages but didn’t have time to find one. Little did I know that I had already paid for one! Score!

Really looking forward to try the other products in the palette too. Dark, under-eye circles are one thing my thesis has given me!

The samples in the S&G are perfect for my skin type and am happy to see they have vitamin A in them. My eye cream has just ran out and I haven’t had time to buy a new one. Until then, any source of retinol is very welcome. Time has no pity and the 30’s are little over a week away! 

Overall, I am pretty happy about this month’s box. The only thing I would say is that I was a itsy bitsy disappointed that there wasn’t a holiday theme. They did have a special box but I only heard about it too late and it was out of stock by then. But this is a minor detail…

Are you subscribed to Sample Bar? What did you get this month?!


Thanks for reading!


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