NZ Shop/Gift Guide

*Fair warning: This post is a mix of New Zealand gift-guide/shop-guide. It is completely NZ focused. Proceed at your own peril.*

If you have been following me for a while you know I am not from New Zealand and that I haven’t been here for long.

Well, I guess 9 months is enough time to find your way around a new city but the fact is (and some of you might also know this) I have been home writing my PhD thesis pretty much the whole time.

If you’re wondering, yes, that’s pretty isolating. Not only are you in a completely new country/city that is the exact opposite side of the world to where your friends and family are, but the nature of your work has you locked at home writing about your own little project.

The number of times that I have left the house, not including daily runs in the park with the dog, amount to handful, two tops (and let me stress that the park is really just around the corner).

Taking all this into consideration, I am perhaps the last person you would think of asking for suggestions on where to go in NZ (on and offline) if you were looking for gift shopping (two weeks before Christmas?! Girl! You need to hurry!).

But, my friend, Isolation is not my thing. And being somehow forced into it makes me have a fight-back reaction.

Take this blog, for example. Started right in the midst of thesis writing, this blog has been my main platform for connecting with the outside world, including my new home.

And it has really helped!  Sure, I may have not been able to leave the house often but when I do, I make it count! Plus I have me some internets which I use liberally in an effort to understand how things work around here.

Despite being home-bound, I have already met amazing NZ people. Being proactive pays off!

I have also been able to build a list of brands and shops that have helped me navigate this new world.

Today, I want to share those with you plus some of my favourite items in them.

If you’re new to Auckland/New Zealand or if you’re just looking for some gift inspiration, here are my top finds.

Hope it’s helpful!

[Note: Some of these shops/brands are not NZ made/owned, but easily accessed in NZ]

For all sorts

Iko Iko: Stores also in Wellington and Auckland;


♥ RedCurrent

Felt: Where the best NZ handmade meets;

Art and Home stuff

Vanilla Design Store

Tofutree Art&Design

Greg Straight: Beautiful NZ Art, Design and Illustration;

Beauty and Cosmetics

My Beauty Store: A NZ online shopping place for skincare and beauty;

Furless Cosmetics: Australian cruelty-free cosmetic brand;

LushNZ: Well, you’ll know…

Whims and Quirks

Toodles Noodles: Paper goods;

Apple & Bee: Australian owned organic and environmentally friendly bags, stationary and cosmetics;

Father Rabbit: I wasn’t sure if I’d share this one; They have pretty things but expensive and they never replied an enquiry I placed…

Tried and Tested

Rose&Thorne: Underwear; I will be reviewing two of their products soon but let me drop a hint: all women in New Zealand should pay them a visit!

Karen Murrell: Organic cosmetics;

SampleBar: The 1st NZ monthly beauty box;

For discounts and special finds





Now, for those of you on the last-minute train to holiday shopping, here are some ideas.

– Find them at Iko Iko, Vanilla Design Store or Tofu Tree –
NZ gifts under $50
– Find them at Karen Murrell, MyBeautyStore or Furless –
Gifts under $30
Can you believe it’s 2 weeks until Christmas?! Oh man, and three weeks for my birthday!! Time flies!


Thanks for reading! Hope you’ve found this post useful! Well, at least now I have all my NZ finds in one place!


2 thoughts on “NZ Shop/Gift Guide

  1. I am a Kiwi and have lived here my whole life. I have heard of/visited about 1/4 of the places you have found. Where have I been?? I hope you are enjoying your time in NZ!

    • Thanks Gemma! I’m really glad someone else found this list useful! I hope you enjoy some of the places you hadn’t heard about!

      About NZ, like I said, I haven’t really started to get out of the house much but I have been more free in the past week or so and will be having time during the holidays. Nevertheless, I have been enjoying it very much so far 🙂


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