One Dress, Four Seasons – ModCloth LBD roundup

For last week’s edition of “One Dress, Four Seasons” I used this pretty LBD from ModCloth.

I don’t think it’s difficult to find ways to wear the same LBD all year round. A black dress is a perfect blank canvas that will go well with pretty much any colour. Plus, you can easily dress it up or down and it fits any circumstance (at least in Western societies where it is no longer solely associated with bereavement).

Many might find black boring or associate it with lack of better outfit ideas but I am of the opinion that a black dress imposes no limits in our creativity.

Of course, you’ve heard this all before. Ms. Chanel was on to it.

What you may find a bit more tricky is finding the perfect LBD.

But perhaps we’re too locked in the “there has to be the one” mindset. After all, we were sold Chanel’s initial ideology:  every woman should own one versatile and durable black dress.

[On a side and curious note, she also said “affordable” but obviously Chanel has abandoned that particular section of the “code”; after all, if you want to sell a dream you have to make it somewhat unattainable.]

If we look better into it, perhaps we will acknowledge the socio-economic context for Coco’s initial approach. Back in the 1920s not many women could afford more than a handful of dresses, if that many! Having durable basics that could be reused in different circumstances was essential.

While I personally like that attitude, and we certainly have a social, economic and environmental context to support more frugal living, the reality is that today we have easy access to affordable clothing and accessories (well, not so much in New Zealand, mind you!).

On the other hand, such widespread availability also means that nothing is made to fit you or me personally which can lead to a less-than-perfect cut.

The two black dresses that I currently have are from Zara and Mango. Together, they didn’t cost over €35 ($54NZD). They are also not what I would consider perfect. Both have something that I would like to change, be it in the cut or fabric.

But does it matter? I sill feel great in them. They have served their purpose pretty well and I suspect they will continue to do so for many years to come.

They were extremely affordable, are versatile, have been durable…In short, the perfect LBDs.

If you ask me, perfect is a state of mind; is making the best with what you have and have fun with it.

How perfect is your LBD?

LBD roundup

If you missed this edition of One Dress, Four Seasons, here are the links to each seasonal outfit:






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