Happy Weekend!

Yet another busy week has gone past!

But Summer is definitely here! Today’s board is a nod to the beautiful Summer weather we’ve been having in Auckland. I’m looking forward to some warm Summer nights!

Wherever you are though, I hope you have an excellent Weekend!

Summer time

5 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!

    • :/ that’s cold!! The temperature is not too high here but the sun is really very hot (thin ozone layer) so actually, it’s 17ºC, but the sun feels hotter than when it’s close to 40ºC in Portugal!

      • You mean 40ºF? Because my 40ºC are actually 104ºF…Oh that’s such sweet warm weather I tell ya! I love it in Portugal because it’s not humid you know. You just get the very warm breeze but it’s not stuffy.

      • No humidity? Wow! That is awesome! I can only “imagine” what the weather would be like without humidity (in the U.S.) Ha!

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