Sample Bar – November GlamPack

November’s box has arrived and I am truly excited about everything in it.

Sample Bar November box


If you have tried these beauty box services you’ll know that it’s quite rare to open the box and find that you are excited to try all the products in it.

There’s is always one or two (if you’re lucky) that don’t really mean much to you.

Not the case with Sample Bar November!

Let’s open the box!


Here’s what’s in the box this month:

I’ve tried the lipstick straight away and have to say it is really very good. I’m a lipstick person but am pretty picky. There’s nothing worse about a lipstick than that feeling of dryness! Not with this one! It’s very moisturising and tastes deliciously. Made me consider buying a normal sized one! But I have to check more about the brand before I move on with that. I’ll keep you posted!

The product I am most excited about is the bump eraser. I am curious to see if this will work. Of all of the products in the box, this is the one I am most likely to buy as they only sent a small sample and I might need the full product to get the desired results. Nevertheless, the whole purpose of these boxes is to introduce us to new products we might like/need and this it has done!

LUSH?! I don’t even need to say anything else about this one do I?! And Marvis toothpaste is just perfect for my toiletries travel bag! Plus, cinnamon?! That’s my favourite scent/flavour/spice!!!

 Now, I don’t really have trouble getting my bronze on, even considering I use very high protection and don’t sunbathe between 1pm and 5pm. Therefore, bronzing products, for me, are never a priority. Nevertheless, I don’t like tanning and who likes to be the white (pale olive in my case) person on the beach? It has been three months since my legs last seen some sun and I’m quite happy to get to try something that will make them look less “wintery”. Plus, look at the size of the “sample” they sent us!!! I’m really surprised that it’s a full sized product (150ml, retails for $35.90 NZD)! I think that’s great.

Sample Bar November products with full size Trilogy Bronzer

Overall, this months’ box has really validated my subscription of Sample Bar. I am really very happy about all these.

If you’re in NZ, definitely give it a try. In alternative, you can just hand-pick some of the products. 

Are you a Sample Bar subscriber? What do you think of this month’s products?


Thank you for reading!


6 thoughts on “Sample Bar – November GlamPack

  1. Hi Rita,

    I think this box is a fantastic selection of product’s and if this was the Launchbox I’d be over the Moon! I really want to try everything. I’ve never tried the Lush Ro’s Argan product before or the Trilogy Tanner, Marven Toothpaste.

    My toothpaste is Aniceed, Liquorice flavour. My lipstick is a shinny, nude called Expose (406) I like nude lipstick’s, its nice I’d just like it to be a bit less shimmery but its a “glowy” one for summer I guess.

    I would like to see more makeup included eg fullsize lipstick, blush, eyeshadow and also other hair products – No perfume sample’s unless they give us those as extra’s.

    I can’t wait for the next month’s glampack and I’d really like to be surprised so I hope they continue with that so that I can go to their facebook page and read their tweets without coming across future spoiler’s. Enjoy your products.

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