Portuguesa – More Portuguese Handbags

Meninas Portuguesas, já conhecem? O que acham?

I have just found out about this brand through a friend on Facebook and just had to share.

The brand wanted to express some idiosyncrasies of the Portuguese identity, culture and history through their products and so they did!

I look at these handbags and immediately know I wouldn’t find them anywhere else.

There is the “Lenços de Viana” (Viana’s scarves) collection (You can see how I style my own here or here):

Image by Portuguesa © via Facebook

Image by Portuguesa © via Facebook

The “Azulejos Barrocos” (baroque tiles) collection

Image by Portuguesa © via Facebook

Image by Portuguesa © via Facebook

And the “Histórias da Anita” (Anita’s stories) collection. How can I explain “Anita”? “Anita” is the Portuguese version of a Belgian children’s book (very much targeted at girls, really) which pretty much all Portuguese women under the age of 40/45 are familiar with.

Today it makes my feminist self cringe but I have very fond memories of these books so I can very much see the nostalgic appeal.

Image by Portuguesa © via Facebook

At the moment, they also have a special edition collection which I am completely in ♥ with. 

I want the gold one please, thank you. 

Image by Portuguesa © via Facebook

Loving Portuguesa too? Check them on their Facebook page!

What do you think of this way of expressing cultural identity?


Thanks for reading!


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