Sample Bar October Review

Sample Bar November is about to arrive so it is time to let you know what I think about the products in October’s glam pack.

I did not get to try all of them so I will just focus on the products I have used.

If you haven’t heard of Sample Bar, it’s New Zealand’s first monthly beauty box and it just started in October. You can read more about it here.

Hope you find these reviews useful!

Evo hair conditioner; Móa multi-purpose balm; Dermalogica microfoliant

1. Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant 

This is a rice-based exfoliating powder activated in contact with water. The first time I used it, I was not happy with it. Instead of the “smoother and brighter” skin, I was left with an extremely dry face. Then I realized I shouldn’t use it as I did. I had just washed my face with my usual face wash, which contained salicylic acid, and proceeded to try Dermalogica’s product, which also contains salicylic acid. Big no-no. If you need salicylic acid (us, acne-prone ladies), don’t over do it. Stick to one product if you want to avoid an extremely dry skin (really, not nice!). 

Once I started using just Dermalogica’s product it worked very nicely.

First, it is not drying and does leave a smooth feeling. I have been using it on my morning and night routine for two weeks, and it hasn’t left my skin feeling dry. 

Secondly, it has been efficient in helping me maintain my current “break-out-free” status. Although I recognize that this status was achieved with my regular face wash, Dermalogica’s microfoliant has not broken this effect. 

Finally, I have also found that a small amount of this powder can go a long way. This is really good because although I think this is an effective way to keep my skin clean, I do not intend to pay the $134 (NZD) price tag for a replacement. Was great to get the chance to try but I don’t think that type of product is worth that much money. You know, in Portugal we have this think called “Sabão Azul” (blue soap) which costs close to nothing and has the exact same cleansing effects. Honestly, in today’s world, wasting my hard-earned money on something like that, when there are equally effective yet cheaper options out there, just feels obscene to me. I have a hard time envisioning a good excuse for such, particularly when I look at what the people in my country, my family, my sisters, my friends are going through. 

2. Evo the Great Hydrator

This was, in my opinion, the best product on October’s Sample Bar. It is everything it claims to be.

My hair is very long now and the tips are very dry, especially because they have already been through two Summers. I have been using the Ojon oil (mentioned here) for the past 9 months or so, and that has been really helpful.

While I was in Portugal in August, I replaced the Ojon oil (which I left in NZ) with my favourite Schwarzkopf Oil Nutritive spray. This is my favourite product but I haven’t been able to find it in NZ…

Anyway, Evo’s conditioner has really had a noticeable moisturising effect. I even stopped using the Ojon oil for the past two weeks, just to see the effect without it. I was really surprised that my hair, particularly my now very dry tips, looked and felt really smooth. Even more that the effect the Ojon oil has. 

There is only one thing about this product that I would change and that’s the smell. Otherwise, all good. 

Would I buy it? Maybe. The price tag is a bit higher than other good conditioners out there and if I can get my fav Schwarzkopf above, I really don’t think I want another product!

3. Móa – The Green Balm 

There are many great reviews about this product out there, not to mention the way the product’s website talks about it. I am naturally suspicious of that type of talk so, I wasn’t expecting much from this to start with. 

Luckily (just trying to keep things in perspective) I got a steam burn on my wrist the other day so I had the opportunity to try it on a burn wound/scar. Let me be clear here. If you get a burn, don’t put it on until the burning has actually stopped otherwise you will actually be doing more bad than good by locking the heat in the skin. The first thing you should do if you get a burn is to keep it under running cold water for as long as possible. 

Anyway, once the skin started drying out and itching, I applied the balm and it was really effective. What started as a pretty ugly wound, which looked like it was going to leave a nasty scar for good, has now almost completely disappeared. 

I have used it on my cuticles, lips and to remove make-up and it has worked great every time. Definitely worth it especially if you, like me, like green products that can have many uses. Plus, the 15ml version (£4.99) is great for those of us who like to carry as little as possible in our bags!

And that’s it folks.

Stay put to get a look at what’s inside November’s GlamPack!


Thanks for reading!


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