The Gift List II – Pretty stuff

For that sweet, sweet girl.

♣ Pros: It’s adorable! Also, age is not important here 😉

♣ Cons: Are you kidding? There is no such thing as “cons” when it comes to Moleskine special editions, Cath Kidston or Polka Dots!! Ok, fine, if you’re getting something like #1, you have to be fairly sure of their size or buy it closer to the gifting date so they have enough time to exchange if need be.



Gifts II

My picks

1. Cath Kidston mini dot plimsolls: I absolutely adore these plimsolls. I’m completely biased towards polka dots as I think they go well with any other pattern, and this colour is right on trend. Something like this is, what I like to call, an “all-year-round” gift: you can get it for any occasion.

2. Moleskine Petit Prince diary: If you haven’t read the masterpiece that is Le Petit Prince, you should first get yourself the book and read it. Now, onto Moleskine. This is, simply, the notebook. If you enjoy writing or drawing old school, you know what I am talking about. The softness of the paper is a pleasure to touch, write on, and look at. This is starting to sound an itsy bitsy creepy, so I’ll just move on before you discover my little pen and paper obsession…Moleskine is a great gift for that person you know enjoys pen/pencil and paper. Their planners/diaries are also very practical. I personally like the pocket weekly planner and notes. It’s small enough to fit my smallest handbag and I like that I can have a view of my week on one page and space for notes on the other. This Petit Prince range is simply adorable. But make sure he/she has read the book otherwise it won’t mean much to them!

3. Ah, Cath Kidston…Oh, the prints! Need I say more?

4. A polka dot foulard by Mango: This is the perfect gift. There’s nothing that could go wrong with a polka dot foulard!

If you’ve been finding this week’s series useful, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post “Something Special”


Thanks for reading.

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