This week on Fashion Pas

This week will be all about lists.
Gift lists.

Before I go any further, let me say that I don’t see Christmas as an obligation to gift the people around you.

I am also aware not everyone shares the Christian/Western culture and don’t really celebrate Christmas. That is also why I call my lists “gift lists”. They’re not Christmas focused and can be referred to in any circumstance. 

Moving on…

I personally really enjoy getting presents for people. I wish I could gift those closest to me all throughout the year but unfortunately, that is not exactly possible.

So I focus on two occasions instead: their birthdays and Christmas.

Part of the enjoyment for me is figuring out what they could possibly like and need, and then correlate those variables into the nicest present.

I use my super empathetic skills and keep an ear out for info – all year round! Yup, I’m that friend/sister/daughter/cousin/wife who is always paying attention!

You know how most people think that psychologists are always trying to read you? Well, this is quite possibly where most of us are actually applying their skills!

Humm…I wonder what my professors would think of such good use of professional skills?!

So, anyway, besides keeping my antennae out for info throughout the year, I then keep that info on lists. FreeMind, Pinterest, good old moleskine…I’ve got them everywhere.

I also believe there’s nothing wrong with getting your presents throughout the year, whenever the opportunity arises.

If we’re talking about Christmas, most years I already have all shopping done by November.

No last minute rushes for me!

I thought I would share some of my inspirations with you this week. 

Stay tuned!


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4 thoughts on “This week on Fashion Pas

  1. Wow, i love yellow!
    I’m in love with Christmas… It’s such a beautiful thing, seeing all the stores and streets with special decor, our houses and the presents… i love to give presents! Unfortunatly, this is kind of a tough year…
    I do my lists during November and i always buy the gifts in December so people can change it if they want (they have 30 days, as i belive you already knew). I’m not thinking about it all year so i’m not always sure if the gifts are perfect to those who recive them lol anyway, i think it’s nice to have the chance of changing.
    Nice theme for your blog 🙂

    Big Kiss

    • Obrigada 🙂

      Ah, I see your point. That’s a good thing, to allow the opportunity for the person to change something if they want. I never thought of that. I guess because I am always quite certain they will like/need it or never get anything that would make sense changing (like concert tickets). With my sisters we also have the habit of sharing personal lists so if I get something from there, I’m sure they’re getting something they want 🙂

  2. Looking forward to your lists! I’m much like you, I don’t just want to buy a gift, I want to make that person feel special. But, like you mention, I don’t celebrate christmas sooo I can easily get persuaded by what department stores “tell me” what to buy when shopping for my husbands side.
    Good point at needing to start now 🙂

    • I understand that completely.

      My husband’s family does a secret Santa type of thing which is really nice because everyone gets something cute but each member of the extended family only has to buy one present.

      On the other hand, it’s my first year here and I don’t know people as well as I know my husband, sisters, nephew and parents!

      I could be easily persuaded by someone in a bookstore or department store! Lol

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