Happy Labour Day Weekend!

Hi everyone!

Just spent some time on a connect button make-over!

I feel they’re much better now, all neatly organized in one place.

I might play around a bit more with colours and shapes when I have more time. But, for now, I like it!

I also didn’t resist, and got a facebook page for the blog . Yes, you can now find me on facebook too…

Oh, the pressure!

I guess when you want to connect with people from more than one location in the World, you have to be aware how they connect. 

My favourite Portuguese bloggers and brands prefer facebook so I find I either have to use my personal account or I can’t connect with them as I’d like to. 

I personally prefer twitter and Google+.

I don’t like how invasive facebook can be and have long stopped having a really “personal” account. Now it’s just a place where I stay in touch with close friends and family, and what goes on back in ‘ol Portugal. 

In any case, I prefer the blog to have its own places. It ties everything together nicely. 

On other news, it’s Labour Day in NZ next Monday so this is going to be a long weekend! 

The weather man (i.e., Philip Duncan) is saying it’s not looking pretty but hey, a long weekend is a long weekend!

Whether you’re heading out or staying in, enjoy your time!

I’ll be trying to finish a couple more chapters! Not too long now!! 

More of Danny’s cocktails @GingerMinx Mt Eden


3 thoughts on “Happy Labour Day Weekend!

  1. I like the buttons! =D

    In terms of social networks, i use facebook because it’s easy and everyone has an account… It’s not that i prefere it but it’s more “handy”…
    My favorite way to follow someone is by youtube… I like to see people! I think it’s more personal without invading the personal life of the blogger/youtuber because on video you only tell what you want – There’s no need of a “life background”.
    Unfortunatly i don’t have courage to make a youtube channel. Maybe one day!

    Big Kiss

    PS – sorry about my english, i know we both speak portuguese but i don’t think there’s any sense for me to write in our language because your blog is wider 😉

    • Your English is perfect, what are you talking about?! 😉

      Making videos is not so bad once you get comfortable talking to a camera without anyone around. It feels strange at start because you feel like you’re talking to yourself but you get used to it. My favourite ytbr has to be Socialite Sande. She cracks me up! She has such good energy on camera!

      For actual videos it would have to be Wendy’s Lookbook because the videos are so good but every other guru is catching up to her so they’re all now doing really nice outfit videos.

      But videos do take a lot of time. You have to be prepared to invest if you want to add videos.

      I already spend way more time than I should on this adventure! 🙂

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