Sample Bar Glam Pack!

One of the things I missed after leaving England was my monthly subscription to Glossybox. Granted, I only discovered it three months before I left, but still, those two boxes were a joy to receive!

The first one was ok, but the Harrods edition only had one thing I wasn’t much of a fan of, and that was the Erno Laszlo skin care samples. They weren’t that great for my skin.

I was a bit apprehensive with the Fan de Fendi eau de toilette, as I’m very particular with scents (I get nauseas, the hubby gets migraines and the dog sneezes, so we’re a scent-scared family). But it turned out to be ok.

I love how it smells and it has become my go-to scent. I do use it sparingly though. I put a drop behind each ear and use my wrists to spread it around, and that’s it. Once I “over did it” and cringe at the memory of the nauseas it gave me!

Yup, I’m that person on the train who will move away from you if your perfume is all over the place.

Moving on!

Another great product in this box was the Ojon instant restorative hair serum. I have been using it since I got it back in March (if memory doesn’t fail me), and yup, it does help with my dry ends.

My hair is super long now and starting to be in need of some extra care. I am still sceptic about the oil’s power to repair split ends (I am still always hoping that some miracle product will do that!) but it does make them less dry.

The fact that I feel a noticeable change when I put the product from when I don’t, is what has kept me using it. There’s no way for me to measure the effects on the split ends so I’ll take it for how it feels! 

So, yeah, I loved getting these little surprises in the mail for a couple of months. It’s so exciting! And very inexpensive too, particularly for the quality of samples you get.

When I got to NZ, one of the first searches I did was for a beauty box monthly subscription service. It’s a good way to get in touch with the local market, with what goes on in a country, beauty-wise. 

Plus, I knew I was not going to be leaving the house much, with the thesis to write and all, so how nice would it be to have a lovely box dropped at my door-step every month to cheer me up?!

Unfortunately, there was nothing of the sort going on. That is, until last month when I found out about Sample Bar on nzgirl

Oh, saying I was excited is an understatement! So, after some wait, it has arrived! 

Isn’t it pretty? I like the black/white scheme going on.

Here’s a list of what was in the glam pack this month:

  • Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (exfoliator)
  • Modelco Turbo Lashwand (eyelash curler)
  • Facial Fresh (facial cloth masks)
  • Móa, The Green Balm 
  • Evo The Great Hydrator Hair Mask
  • Wine Wipes
  • One month free subscription to Charlotte Dodson web yoga tv sessions

I can’t wait to try these products and let you know what I thought of them! 

Here’s what I’m thinking. Since I will be getting these lovely packs every month, I will start a monthly series on what’s in the pack, once it arrives, and reviews of the products to let you know what I thought of them. 

It appears Sample Bar will launch a Glam Store section on their website soon. That sounds like a good idea. If a product is particularly good we can just get that one!

For all you girls in NZ who haven’t yet checked Sample Bar out, now is the time as they’re taking subscriptions for the November pack.

Be sure to get in quick as they seem to have limited spots 😉

If you’re also a Glam Pack member, let me know what you thought of this month’s products!
And if you’re somewhere else in the World, are you a subscriber of this type of service? What do you think about it?


12 thoughts on “Sample Bar Glam Pack!

  1. I’ve only done one of these subscriptions things once, and I wasn’t a big fan. I did notice that since I started blogging my beauty products and make-up collection just went crazy! I’ve decided to re-focus and go back to my core collection. I talk about it in this video/post:

    PS Yes, we have Zara in Australia – one in Sydney and two in Melbourne 🙂

    Win a handbag valued at $130: New Giveaway on the Blog!

    • Yeah, my first glossybox wasn’t that great either but I’m enjoying Sample Bar so far. We’ll see how the next few months go 🙂

      Because I hardly buy any products, except for my essentials, this was a pretty good bet for me 🙂

      Oh! There’s hope! You guys also have Mango don’t you? I should check (and plan myself a little trip across the Tasman!!).


  2. We have something like this coming out in Portugal, the PopyBox, but we don’t know when it’s going to be officialy lauched yet. I’m excited because i love surprises and this kind of boxes seems great! Ah, we don’t know the price tag as well so i don’t know if i’m really going to get a box… it depends on the money they ask for it…
    Muah! **

    • That’s why I got it here 🙂 I like the surprise, that I get to try new products which I otherwise wouldn’t (because I don’t really buy much stuff) and it was very inexpensive so it all made sense 🙂

      I hope the one in Portugal is good/doesn’t cost much either so you can get to try too.


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