Fashion Forward

‘Two posts in one day?!‘, you’ll ask. I know, but this was a fashion emergency!! I just had to share!

When I think about “Fashion Forward” I imagine something new and unique but that does not feel out of place in the present future.

Today I have found Guava!

A Portuguese shoe design brand with the most fantastic approach to footwear.

I have only known it for about an hour but am already in love with it.

Not only does it provide us with amazing fashion forward shoes of the highest quality, but it is handmade in Portugal. And you know how I like shoes made in Portugal!  And if you don’t you can find out about it here and here.

I want to congratulate the designer, Inês Caleiro, for her amazing work and support of Portuguese shoe-making artisanship.

                                                                                                                          Source: Uploaded by user via Guava on Pinterest

                                                                                                                     Source: via Guava on Pinterest

                                                                                             Source: Uploaded by user via Guava on Pinterest

                                                                                                        Source: via Rita on Pinterest

How do you like it?

Good news is Guava has stockists not only in Portugal, but the Netherlands, Spain and the US! 

It appears the online shop also ships worldwide! OMG! TOO EXCITED!

You can also find it here, here and here.

Find out more and follow Guava on twitter, Pinterest and like it on Facebook!


2 thoughts on “Fashion Forward

    • ah olha! Sim! O meu centro de investigação é (era) em Folkestone e tínhamos grupos de trabalho nessa zona 🙂 muito boa sorte, a sério! Não deixes o Inverno desanimar-te ok 😉

      Também eu! Ando sempre a ver se espalho mensagem! Temos coisas tão boas!

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