It’s not (just) fashion, it’s the space…

Finally got around to download some pictures I took while in Vienna.

I wanted to share with you my favourite H&M shop. It is such a beautiful building.

I am sorry I did not have a proper camera (or photographic skills) with me at the time!

You know I don’t like heading out to the shops but that changes when I am in Vienna. I blame it on the architecture!

Even if I have nothing in particular that I want to buy, I always visit this shop. Once you step in, you’re in another time, another era! Yet, you still feel part of it.

It’s a great building to visit just for itself. And, of course, it has an H&M in it so that’s a plus!

H&M Stephansplatz

Ground floor – Ceiling detail

Mirror, Mirror – the stairs

Upper Floor – Chandelier

I feel H&M did a great work in preserving the original features of the shop, while adding their own vibe.

It honestly feels like a private space, very exclusive, almost boudoir-like.

One of the most striking preserved features is the elevator. I was a bit embarrassed to take a picture with my phone (amateur!). But you can find one here. Obviously, not the first person to find this shop to be an amazing place!

Do you have a shop you like to go to because you enjoy the space? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear about it!



9 thoughts on “It’s not (just) fashion, it’s the space…

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked it! It really is quite different from most other H&Ms. But it is not unique in Europe. I guess it’s because these big companies could afford to pick up beautiful old shopping spaces and preserve them.

      • You’d be surprised! Most of them adapt to the different cultural contexts but H&M in particular I’ve really noticed big differences between shops, even sometimes in the same country (in England – Brighton vs London, for instance). In a way, just speaks to their flexibility to appeal to their local public but also reflects flexibility within the company, allowing the people who work in each shop to have a say. They will have main guidelines but there is some room for more creativity in the window display for instance. You don’t see that so much with Zara or Mango, for instance. It’s ok either way. Just different approaches.

      • I think it’s great that they allow others to get involved. It shows that the company truly cares about their employees. This is lacking in sooooo many companies. Thanks for sharing ย  this with me. ย 

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