The Travel Series – A Maximum Carry-On Bag

I know you can tell it’s not exactly for the looks – although I do think it’s pretty cute – so let me explain why I use a Tom Bihn Aeronaut as my carry-on.

About a year ago, I was looking for a bag that I would not have to check-in but would still fit every single thing I could possibly need for a week-long conference overseas.

At the same time, said carry-on bag had to be “suitcase friendly”, you know, for those trips when one carry-on is not enough (e.g., when moving to the opposite side of the world). Basically, it had to be something that I could carry on my own while simultaneously pulling along a big suitcase.

I did not like the option of having a smaller suitcase. I had done that before and although it is possible to pull along two suitcases, try going up subway stairs. It’s not fun, particularly when you’re travelling on your own!

I wanted something that could go on my back or shoulder. I considered several types of backpacks and weekend bags but then I came across Tom Bihn and the Aeronaut here.

Both the design and quality greatly attracted me. Granted, the idea of ordering something from the US did not please me to start with. I like to buy local and avoid being responsible for an even bigger carbon footprint. But then again, I knew this bag was made in Seattle with materials mostly resourced from the US. I was happy about their environmental policies and the folks at Tom Bihn reassured me of their environmental responsibilities.

I have now used my Tom Bihn as my only piece on luggage for a week-long conference, as my carry-on bag in a short flight to visit family, as my only piece of luggage on a month-long road-trip around Europe and as my carry-on bag on a long-haul flight.

For a week-long conference

We’ve been around, my Aeronaut and I.

What I like the most about it is that the materials are top quality and it really does pack a lot. Consequently, it can get pretty heavy. The back-straps are very good to balance all the weight though.

Tom Bihn is very detailed and the bag is very well designed for travel needs like my own. There is nothing I don’t like or find useful about this bag.

I do regret buying the extra shoulder strap. It’s too long for my height, particularly when the bag is heavier. But it’s of extreme good quality and I would recommend it as a shoulder strap in other (lighter) bags.

Overall, it has been a good purchase and I do think it will be in working condition and useful for many years to come, particularly when we have children and are travelling with a little one between NZ and Portugal.

My kind of investment 🙂


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