The Travel Series – Top 10 In-Flight Essentials

6 Weeks – 6 Flights

In the next few weeks I have a series of fairly short trips by plane (less than 1 hour) and very long ones (about a day).

Having done this before, I have an idea of what I need for a comfortable journey.

Today I’m focusing on long-haul flights.

For a comfy flight

My top 10 tips:

1. Always an isle seat, close to the toilets (but not too close) and away from the baby-friendly seats.

2. The carry-on has to be packed in such a way that I can easily get out all I will need during the flight when I get to my seat*. First, you don’t know how easy it will be to access your carry-on once you’re up there (the over-head compartment might be quite high, things may have moved around or someone else’s coat/bag might be in the way -> cue nuisance); and second, if you don’t have the isle seat, you have to open your bag in the corridor where you have no space and all this because you forgot to get your toothbrush out! Not fun!

*It pays off to get organized before the flight*

3. Never forget your noise-cancelling headphones. When you have to be around that noise for half a day it really messes your head. If you’re going to do this sort of trip often, invest in a good pair. Mine are those in the board. They’re from here.

4. A small/medium toiletries bag. Mine has small versions of toothbrush&paste, what I need for my morning/evening face routine, a couple of band-aids and a little mirror.

5. Shoes that are easy to slip on and off. I don’t like wearing shoes during the flight but I do need them when I go to the toilet!!

6. Extra pair of socks! The first thing I do after I seat down is to get my shoes off, and put on an extra pair of socks. If I’m going to be sitting down for hours, I want to be comfortable. No shoes helps me move my feet/legs easily while the extra socks keep my feet warm.

7. Comfortable clothes. Anything that doesn’t cut the circulation to your legs!! And always extra layers: a cardigan or sweater and a  long scarf/foulard/shawl. Even if your destination is warm, it will get chillier during the flight, particularly during the night.

8. A good neck pillow. No fun trying to have a good night sleep as you’re sitting!

9. A resistance band. I try to get up every hour and walk around but sometimes that doesn’t feel like it’s enough. So to exercise a bit more in such small spaces, I find an exercise band to be really helpful. I have these ones.

10. Finally, always accept the water/juice when it comes around. Flights can be pretty dehydrating so drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids to stay on top of that game!

This is it folks. If you’re also flying, hope you have a nice flight. As for me, I hope to see you on the other side!!
In any case, happy Monday and have a nice week!


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