Academic Conference Wear 2.At your presentation

No matter what your style is, if you’ve stood in front of an audience on your own, to talk about your work, you know what makes you feel more comfortable.

-This is how I roll-

Throughout the years, my guidelines to choose an outfit for a presentation have boiled down to two main rules:

1. Has to be something I feel 100% comfortable in (the last thing I want is to be distracted by my outfit);

2. Unless I will be using my outfit to make a point, it has to be very inconspicuous. Attentional resources are limited and I want my audience to be focusing on what I’m saying, not in what I’m wearing.

For me, this translates into something like this:

Talk outfits

Some other things I have found throughout the years:

1. My hair has to be up – a braid, a ponytail, a knot – it doesn’t matter, as long as it is away from my ears! My face gets red otherwise. I may have performance anxiety, but I don’t want my audience to notice!

2. I have to be holding a pen/pencil.

3. More than training what I am going to say, I have to do mental imagery exercises of how I want to be in that moment: confident, articulate and not shaky!


 And, because we’re on the topic of presentations, here’s a short video by Susan Weinschenk, PhD.

(First seen here)

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9 thoughts on “Academic Conference Wear 2.At your presentation

  1. haven’t given a presentation in a while, but I’ll keep your tips in mind when I do. I definitely agree with the point about making your outfit inconspicuous. the thing about having people in the audience distracted by your outfit is that you pick that up too, and then it makes you self-conscious! I’d definitely be staying away from crazy prints. Also wouldn’t be wearing low-cut shirts or short skirts!

  2. I like the looks you picked out. You are right, you want your audience focused on YOU, not your clothing! Really liking the red scarf you chose…might have to find me one like it 🙂

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  5. Great series of posts! A very timely topic for the season. After five years of organising, attending and presenting after various events, I had my first conference wear faux pas last month at a co-organised symposium. Short version: ladies, always test-run an outfit, particularly if snap fasteners are involved! I had a lovely, smart dress on that was appropriate for the event and the weirdly hot day (this one to be precise: Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I was chairing a panel that I realised that the flippin’ fasteners kept popping open…! Cue me spending the rest of the day having to self-consciously position myself whilst sitting down and checking my damn front every 30 seconds. Lesson learned!

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