Academic Conference Wear

This week on FashionPas

Conference season in the Northern Hemisphere is on.

In the Academic context that means three things:

1) Your week outside your topic bubble is coming!

2) Your week networking is coming!

and, if you’re fortunate

3) You will be presenting your work to your peers!

In two weeks, I will be heading down (up?) to Thessaloniki for the 12th ICMPC – 8th ESCOM for a week of catching up with what my colleagues are up to. I will also be presenting two of my research studies. I can hardly wait to share with everyone what I found!!

I thought it would be fun to explore three types of outfits for such a week-long event. There will be 1) Talks to attend; 2) Socializing evenings; and 3) My own talks and presentations.

Academia is no different from any other industry when it comes to what to wear. Unlike what many may think, you can be stylish in Academia (as these ladies demonstrated so well). In fact, you have a lot of freedom to explore your own style, and it is just as important to be well presented as in any other industry.

Throughout this week I will be exploring three types of outfits, depending on three different conference contexts:

1) Atending Talks/Workshops

2) Presenting your work

3) Socials

As a woman in academia I like to remember that I don’t have to dress like a man (unless I want to) to be respected intellectually by my peers. If I use my knowledge on human behaviour for pretty much everything in my life, why not in choosing what to wear as well?

I will be exploring these issues together with each post.

The way you present yourself is often the first information people receive about you.

Make it count. 

Academic Con Outfits

If this series interests you, stay tuned for the next posts!

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