And on that laced note…

Lace dress


2 thoughts on “And on that laced note…

  1. hi there! thank you SO much for leaving the sweet comment on my blog. It really made my day, so thank you heaps 🙂 you’ve styled this outfit wonderfully btw. I love the navy blue dress and the way you added some brights with the lemon yellow accessories! 🙂

    • Hi Izzy! Thank you! Well, I meant it. I bookmarked it even (that particular post) because I find it really perfect. I like to go back to it when my mind needs to take a break from my writing workload 🙂 Like I said, gives me the same enjoyment as a beautiful work of art.

      I quite like this particular dress but wanted to add some light without distracting from the lace work. I love yellow and thought that soft shade would fit my purpose very well. I did some other combinations, added some bracelets and some other jewellery, but in the end decided that less was more in this case.

      Also, any outfit I put here is something I would wear without a doubt. So I really have to “feel” it 🙂


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