Oh yes! I’m jumping on that bandwagon!

Right, first some background on this. As I mention on the “About” page, I don’t shop often. It is true, I really don’t. Since I first moved away from home to start my first job I realized I didn’t need a lot of stuff. I guess being allowed only 20kg of luggage makes you reconsider consumption and focus on what really is essential.

Until then, studying little more than 80km from home really didn’t press that notion in my mind. I did have to make two trips to move everything I accumulated over the 5 years of my degree. I was quite shocked at the size of my shoe collection! Fortunately, I was able to keep my room at my parents’ and wasn’t that good storage!!

Anyway, since then I have moved countries three times, and each time I was aware my time in that country was limited so no use in accumulating stuff that would make my departure a complex matter.

The last 3 and 1/2 years were spent in the same place in England and that was a great challenge. The urge to buy new stuff didn’t go away but I knew I really didn’t need much. Particularly because there was no pressure for me to change outfits every day, working mostly from home and all.

My shopping strategy became based on a kind of bi-annual event – Christmas and Summer – to add some key pieces of the seasons to my wardrobe and renovate basics.

I started shopping for shoes only when I was in Portugal either for Christmas or for Summer holidays, as that was when I had the time and opportunity to go to my favourite shops. Also, shoes were better and cheaper in Portugal than in England. I once found a pair I liked at Office and it had been made in Portugal! I was like “f*ck that. For this price I’ll get two pairs at my local shoe shop in Santarém”.

As for anything else I would either order from Mango online – both the outlet and the normal shop (there was no Mango in Brighton), or also take the opportunity to go to my familiar Mango, Zara, H&M, when I was in Portugal.

With time, I got used to not need to go out to shop. In fact, I really did not enjoy roaming the shops full of people to try and find the things I needed. It started being a bit of a waste of time and my bi-annual strategy became more advantageous from all angles – financial, psychological…

During the year I keep and eye out for the basics that need renewal, and for key elements I really would like. But to “need” is the key priority for me. If I don’t need it, I don’t buy it (my polyvore boards are starting to make more sense now, aren’t they?). I do open an exception to good sales eheh…

I put it all on a list that guides my bi-annual shopping events. Sometimes, an item is on that list for a long time and, in that case, it just means I really don’t need it. Like this bag for instance. Fortunately, Mango has been putting versions of it out there for a couple of years now and don’t seem like they’ll stop any time soon, so I’m safe.

And this folks, is how I roll.

Which brings us to the present: one of such shopping events has just been precipitated by the start of the sales on H&M GB. All the things I wanted from that shop, except this dress, were on amazing sales, so I had to jump at the opportunity, particularly because it won’t be another month until I am in the UK and these things go fast!

Anyway, part of my list has just been ticked off and I thought I’d do a haul on it! As per usual, it will be in the form of a polyvore board. It will be five or six weeks before I see the actual things…

h&m haul

Because this year I have moved to the other side of the world, I believe my shopping strategy will have to change a bit. “Sure”, you’d say, “you’ll have to find places to shop where you are”. No, actually, that is not the part of the strategy I am planning to change, incredibly enough.

Everything is just so expensive in NZ. I don’t think people here realize how much more expensive shoes, clothes, whatever, are. Until I am faced with the fact that I won’t have the opportunity to travel to Europe, I will continue shopping there.

What will change this year is that instead of a bi-annual event, it will be an annual happening – I won’t be in Portugal for Christmas so I am having to plan one shopping event for when I am in Europe next month.

The good thing is, I will be shopping for NZ Spring/Summer in the actual Northern Hemisphere Spring/Summer collections!

The bad thing is, I will be travelling there with an empty bag and return with a full one. Luggage weight is always a major anxiety issue for me when I travel!


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