One Dress, Fours Seasons – Corasao dress roundup

I like this idea of having a dress that looks like a separate skirt and shirt. If you have worn a skirt and a blouse or shirt tucked in, you’ll know it can be a pain! The blouse might be too short and keep untucking itself, or too long and the seams be noticeable through the skirt’s fabric…You end up spending the whole day looking like a neurotic obsessed with touching your clothes, pulling here and there, in hopeless attempts to look put-together. These dresses are the perfect solution to that. Let your neuroticisms shine through in some other way!

This particular dress is actually on my purchase list for this year. It is great for the warmer weather and I will have the chance to buy it well in time for the Southern Hemisphere’s Spring and Summer.

Because of the colour, perhaps, it wasn’t as much of a challenge to imagine wearing it all year-round, and for the purpose of a job interview. Unlike the Bicon dress, I actually found the Corasao easy to plan for a Winter context.

What do you think? Which one is you favourite?

Mango Corasao dress, navy:

– Autumn

– Winter

– Summer

– Spring


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