How is X worn in Y? The Cape in Lisbon

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Lisbon…I’ve lived in Lisbon. I’m always happy to go back. It’s a beautiful city, with lots to see and do, awesome weather, delicious food and very inexpensive compared to other European capitals. You should go. Seriously.

But, back to the current topic, how might you see the cape worn in Lisbon?

1. We can only be talking about a cold Winter day (only possible from November to February). Any other time of the year you simply wouldn’t see it worn.

2. No one, simply no single person who knows Lisbon would ever wear anything other than comfortable shoes. If you have ever been to Portugal you will know why. If you haven’t, here’s why: hills and calçada Portuguesa. If you’re a Portuguese in Lisbon, out for a casual lunch and some shopping in Baixa (downtown area), you know you will be walking a lot, going up and down hills and subway stairs. Also, you’re Portuguese. And a Portuguese puts comfortable footwear above all else, even style sometimes. So, cute flats or not-too-high boots, that’s what you’ll be seeing the cape worn with.

3. Even if it’s a cold Winter day, odds are it will be sunny and bright. The cape wearer will be wearing sunglasses.

4. Underneath the cape, chances are you’ll be spotting a long-sleeved shirt or sweater.

5. And finally, you’ll probably see the cape paired with a bag from Mango, Zara or H&M. Might also be from Misako. Something nice, trendy but not too expensive. The thought of buying a purse that costs anything over €40 is just crazy in these difficult economic times.

 Are you a Lisboeta, even if only temporarily? What do you think? Is this how you’d wear the cape?


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