Para a mãe – For mum

Mother’s day is celebrated on different days around the world. In New Zealand it’s the Sunday of the second weekend of May. In Portugal, the Sunday of first weekend of May…

It doesn’t matter. Mum’s are important every day.

Whether you’re looking to get something for your mum for mother’s day or just some other random day of the year, here are some ideas.

1. Whether you’re in the northern or southern hemisphere, wellies/gumboots/galochas come in handy any rainy or gardening day. You can find these ones at Cath Kidston. I have a polka dot pair, and they have been great friends in snowy and rainy England, and now rainy New Zealand.

2. Skin care products are always welcome. If you’re in New Zealand, check the skin care range from the Simunovich Olive Estate. They’re a bit pricey but full of olive goodness any mum is sure to appreciate!

3. For those who are far away, why not send your mum a gift basket full of goodies? While you’re on it, make it a surprise. How nice it must be to come home after a busy and tiring day at work, and find something like this at your doorstep? This one is from

4. Yes, Cath Kidston again…And, believe me, I had to make an effort for this post not to be just Cath Kidston. I simply can’t imagine any woman not liking at least one product in this shop! For real y’all! Anyway, this is a beautiful umbrella and, again, whether you’re in the northern or southern hemisphere, a good quality umbrella always comes in handy. If, on top of that, it’s pretty, you’re a winner!

5. Following the gift basket idea, Lush, The Body Shop, Yves Rocher…take your pick 🙂 All against animal testing too!

6. A gift voucher from your/her favourite manicure/pedicure/nail boutique. Hell, book one for the two of you and make it a date!

7. And finally, my favourite lipstick of all times, Rouge Coco Shine. I will definitely find one for my mum. My favourites are Biarritz and Liberté but you have a huge range to select from. While you’re on it, get one for you too! Trust me, find your Rouge Coco. You won’t be disappointed! If you do, let me know which one is yours!

This said, I am a firm believer that presents on one day don’t make up for lack of contact, lack recognition, or an overall bad relationship throughout the year. Be mindful, be present, be loving all year round. You don’t have to buy something to tell someone you love them…

p.s. This post is entirely my responsibility. It hasn’t been sponsored by any of the mentioned shops  or companies (if only!).


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