Making fashion work for me

Fashion is so demanding! I tend to ignore it.

Sure, I can’t get away from certain trends: the shops will always follow them, limiting the range of available items, people around me will wear them and I will be influenced, in a way or another.

But I have no wish to let myself or my savings be dominated by the fast-paced, fleeting world of fashion, a world I have no impact or control over.

Who decides what’s in and out? Who says I have to follow that? I always had a problem with blindly following someone else…

Over the years, I have explored my own personal style. I find there’s a lot more freedom in making fashion work for you, than the other way around.

You may find some pretty things here. You may even find some of the latest trends. But be warned, this is my personal take on whatever trends are out there. Proceed at your own peril.


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