Polka Dots

Guess what? Popbasic has just released two polka dot blouses for pre-order! Aren’t they gorgeous? 

Popbasic Polka dots

You can pre-order them separately ($55 each) or as a set ($80). I’d probably go for the white one. I already own something like that but it works so well for me that it’s definitely a pattern I would re-purchase. Which one would you pick?

If you’re planning on picking up one (or both) of these, don’t forget you can get $15 towards your Popbasic purchase here* or clicking the button on the sidebar.  

*{please note this link is part of Popbasic’s referral programme}

{Not} A Glass Slipper Story – OOTD

I read this post by Kristian at Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style), and immediately thought of my very own “perfect item” that immediately turned out to be  a bit of a struggle to remix.

This is one of those items that I’ve had for many, many years. I was 16 when this skirt and I first crossed paths. For the first few years, I couldn’t think of any other combination than to pair it with a black top.

For that reason, and also because there was a while there it just didn’t fit with my Uni student style, I actually didn’t wear it for many Winters. But I couldn’t let go of it either – I loved it and deep down knew it had potential. I just wasn’t able to unlock it back then.


Over 10 years had passed when, during a very cold and snowy Winter in England, I ventured out into a beautifully sunny and white Brighton day wearing this skirt with my new (at the time) Cath Kidston polka dot blue gumboots.

I put those two together out of necessity – my warmest skirt with the most appropriate footwear – but a light went on. I couldn’t believe I had never tried to pair this skirt with anything other than black! Since then, I’ve paired it with blue, brown, yellow, salmon, forest green…


My current favourite though, is the combination below which I came up with this Winter. I felt like wearing this skirt one morning but didn’t want to wear it with a turtle neck. I opened my shirt drawer and that stripped one was right there. Ta-Da!


For work, I often wear a red belt over the cardigan to add a bit of definition. I call it my Winter Nautical look. 


 And there you have it. A skirt that remained a bit difficult to wear for many years but that I finally uncovered its remixing potential. Considering its great quality, I’m thinking I’ll be remixing it for many Winters to come! 



Thanks Kristian, for inspiring me to put this post together on my very own [not] a glass slipper. 

If you have such an item, don’t forget to share your story below! I’d love to hear about it. 

Wedding Guest {Trousers}

My cousin M asked me the other day to assist her with an outfit conundrum. She is attending a wedding next month (coincidentally, my sister’s) and would prefer to wear trousers. She wants to go for a feminine look that is formal enough for the occasion but doesn’t make her look like she’s about to attend a business meeting. 

She would also like it to be something she could easily wear in other formal and semi-formal occasions and not an once-off outfit. 

I must say this one really got me thinking. I just always go for dresses or skirts when weddings or such parties are involved, and have never ventured beyond that. Upon a bit of reflection and research, I started seeing some real options in “trouser-land” in the form of jumpsuits (of all things!). 

Wedding Guest ' Trousers

Until now, I had thought of jumpsuits as short, cotton, flowery numbers that one could wear to the beach. It appears though that party-ready options are currently widely available. 

For an item that can be both formal and fit different occasions,I’d go for classic colours, light fabrics and one or two unique features to keep things interesting. For the party, I’d suggest a pair of high heels, some nice jewellery and a statement clutch. 

For a work look, a jumpsuit like the ones on the board can simply be paired with a cropped blazer, or something in those lines. I’d also think it would be possible to dress it down for a more relaxed look by pairing it with flats and a leather jacket like this one

How would you wear trousers at a wedding?

Transitional Pieces

Spring is around the corner for us down-under but there’s still a chill in the air. These two pieces are currently in the top of my transitional pieces’ list. I’ve come across the monk shoes through my hubby’s shoe research and have really taken to them. Apparently, they’re somewhere between an oxford and a derby when it comes to formality. Oh, the things that are there to learn about men’s shoes! I had no idea but am glad they’re making those for women too. 

Transitional Pieces - Wishlist

Don’t get me wrong – just because these are for the transitional seasons, I by no means wish them to be short-lived. By picking pieces that have a certain classical element to them and are of good quality, I make sure they will be wearable in many transitional seasons ahead.

Yeah, when it comes to my wardrobe, I think that far ahead. The thing is, when you shop strategically and about once or twice a year, you find yourself having to do a stock take of your current wardrobe with two or three seasons ahead in mind.

My next opportunity to shop is coming up fast. Knowing that, after my September trip, I probably won’t be going to Europe until next year, is forcing me to consider not just the upcoming Summer but also the Autumn and Winter after that. Will I really need a pair of boots during the kiwi Summer? Not really. But I know I will need a pair in 10 months’ time so now is the time for me to think about it. 

Did you ever think of your wardrobe management in that way? What are your current transitional season crushes? 

Winter Favourites – Sun, Layers and a Perfect Tote

Today was one of those cold but sunny Winter days which force you to wear warm layers and sunglasses simultaneously.

I’m nursing a nasty cold but who can afford to stay indoors, on a Saturday, in the middle of Winter, when the sky is blue?!


I layered up pretty well with a wool dress with knitted hemline (Mango) and my favourite double-breasted coat – a green, military-style number I got from Mango a few years back. I particularly like that it has an unusual bias cut. For footwear I decided to go with my suede ankle boots which are perfect for cold but dry Winter days. 

My mum knitted this beanie for me in a couple of days. She’s talent that way. Sometimes I wish I’d paid more attention all those times she tried teaching me how to make these things. Now, all I can knit is a really long scarf!


The Cuyana tote I’ve had for about a month now. I really just wanted to test-drive it for a while before sharing my two-cents. I picked up the tall style in the colour Stone. The design of this tote is nothing but simplicity and functionality. I use it everyday to work and carry in it my lunch-bag, any book I may be reading and other bits and bobs. 


Cuyana’s tote is crafted in Argentina of 100% local leather and, initially, I was a bit concerned about carrying it around in the rain. I walk to work so was worried that rainy days would damage its soft leather. However, I’ve found this to be of no problem. This tote is all it’s supposed to be – a sturdy, practical bag that can handle the day-to-day. 

When it comes to creating a functional wardrobe, there’s nothing like finding the perfect bag that will certainly help you on that journey to fewer, better things

Have you found yours? 

Take 5

1. Seen on Twitter: As soon as you stop seeing blogging as over saturated and more of a community, things will turn around for you! “. I highly agree with this statement. The moment we see blogging as a way to connect and engage with other like-minded people, we start having more fun and more meaningful conversations. We stop being as anxious about stats because numbers don’t matter as much. Blogging becomes more about quality than quantity and that is reflected in a richer content of each blog within a community of bloggers. Ingrid’s (IngstyleConnecting With series is a great example of this. 

2. Speaking of bloggers who know how to create that sense of community – Kristian (Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style)), I’m thinking of you! Kristian has a Q&A series where, each month, she asks a handful of bloggers one question. Every month the question is different and so are the bloggers who get to answer it. This results in a diversity of views and rich conversations. This month, I was lucky enough to participate and share my view on the 5 things every girl should have in their closets. Head over to Kristian’s to see what the answers were and join in the conversation! 

3. I have been sighing over Vittoria Puccini’s wardrobe in a 2013 European production of Anna Karenina for TV (Rai). OK, I confess, also Santiago Cabrera…ahem, I mean, his military wardrobe as Count Vronsky is also very nice to look at. Not my favourite Tolstoy book and I never cared much for the 2012 movie. However, this miniseries has amazing quality both in acting and production so I couldn’t resist watching it. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the full English version and had to watch it in Italian. Just one of those moments where I really appreciate being a native Portuguese speaker. 

4. My Popbasic navy Le Breton has finally arrived! It’s now cold Winter in Auckland so I haven’t had a chance to wear it but I’m so excited about it. The fabric looks and feels like great quality (which I am sure time will test). I picked a size M and it runs a bit bigger than I expected but it’s actually perfect for travelling and to wear with skinny jeans or leggings. It will still be perfect to tuck in with a skirt. Nevertheless (and because there’s no such thing as too many Le Bretons) I will get another in size S. Have you grabbed one? If not, grab $15 here* and join the #PopbasicLeBreton community! 

Thanks Maddy. I didn't know that!

Thanks Maddy. I didn’t know that!

*I am a proud ambassador of Popbasic and this link is part of their referral programme.

5. Massimo Dutti has such gorgeous items and style going on. I’m currently loving their leather jackets, especially with woollen sweaters. I love the contrasting fabrics and textures. 



Like A Girl

Like a girl – what does it mean to you? I grew up playing football (or soccer, or better yet, jogar à bola). I played with my cousins, with my sisters and parents, with other boys and girls at school…And I was damn lucky to have the chance to do so. No adult segregated our teams at school, and I played all the way up to Uni with both boys and girls.

I love the game:

- I love watching it. There’s nothing quite like a match between two great teams in a great competition.

- I loved playing it. I haven’t played for 7 years and I miss it. But I cherish the memories of those games. I am also proud to have played it well and, above all, to have played #LikeAGirl! 

There are no limits to what we women can achieve so if you have a young girl in your life, be encouraging, be supportive and be proud of her. She has to go through many challenges and face many negative attitudes. May she have the strength and support to do so #LikeAGirl!