Take 5

1. Seen on Twitter: As soon as you stop seeing blogging as over saturated and more of a community, things will turn around for you! “. I highly agree with this statement. The moment we see blogging as a way to connect and engage with other like-minded people, we start having more fun and more meaningful conversations. We stop being as anxious about stats because numbers don’t matter as much. Blogging becomes more about quality than quantity and that is reflected in a richer content of each blog within a community of bloggers. Ingrid’s (IngstyleConnecting With series is a great example of this. 

2. Speaking of bloggers who know how to create that sense of community - Kristian (Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style)), I’m thinking of you! Kristian has a Q&A series where, each month, she asks a handful of bloggers one question. Every month the question is different and so are the bloggers who get to answer it. This results in a diversity of views and rich conversations. This month, I was lucky enough to participate and share my view on the 5 things every girl should have in their closets. Head over to Kristian’s to see what the answers were and join in the conversation! 

3. I have been sighing over Vittoria Puccini’s wardrobe in a 2013 European production of Anna Karenina for TV (Rai). OK, I confess, also Santiago Cabrera…ahem, I mean, his military wardrobe as Count Vronsky is also very nice to look at. Not my favourite Tolstoy book and I never cared much for the 2012 movie. However, this miniseries has amazing quality both in acting and production so I couldn’t resist watching it. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the full English version and had to watch it in Italian. Just one of those moments where I really appreciate being a native Portuguese speaker. 

4. My Popbasic navy Le Breton has finally arrived! It’s now cold Winter in Auckland so I haven’t had a chance to wear it but I’m so excited about it. The fabric looks and feels like great quality (which I am sure time will test). I picked a size M and it runs a bit bigger than I expected but it’s actually perfect for travelling and to wear with skinny jeans or leggings. It will still be perfect to tuck in with a skirt. Nevertheless (and because there’s no such thing as too many Le Bretons) I will get another in size S. Have you grabbed one? If not, grab $15 here* and join the #PopbasicLeBreton community! 

Thanks Maddy. I didn't know that!

Thanks Maddy. I didn’t know that!

*I am a proud ambassador of Popbasic and this link is part of their referral programme.

5. Massimo Dutti has such gorgeous items and style going on. I’m currently loving their leather jackets, especially with woollen sweaters. I love the contrasting fabrics and textures. 



Like A Girl

Like a girl – what does it mean to you? I grew up playing football (or soccer, or better yet, jogar à bola). I played with my cousins, with my sisters and parents, with other boys and girls at school…And I was damn lucky to have the chance to do so. No adult segregated our teams at school, and I played all the way up to Uni with both boys and girls.

I love the game:

- I love watching it. There’s nothing quite like a match between two great teams in a great competition.

- I loved playing it. I haven’t played for 7 years and I miss it. But I cherish the memories of those games. I am also proud to have played it well and, above all, to have played #LikeAGirl! 

There are no limits to what we women can achieve so if you have a young girl in your life, be encouraging, be supportive and be proud of her. She has to go through many challenges and face many negative attitudes. May she have the strength and support to do so #LikeAGirl! 


European Summers

Oh, look, I know I have shared outfits inspired by European summers before but no, I’m not likely to stop any time soon. Even though it’s been almost a month since we’ve been enjoying* Winter in Auckland, I just can’t seem to shake away a Summer feeling. 

*And I do mean enjoying because, let me tell you, this has been a really mild Winter so far. 

European Summers

Maybe because I can’t wait to enjoy the warmth of a South European Summer, I have been really keen to find a maxi skirt. I really wanted this one from Popbasic, but they’re sold out *sad face*. I am still looking, researching, hoping Popbasic will bring theirs back (hint, hint Madeline)…But today I saw this one from Mango and it was just perfect for the outfit I wanted to put together on this board. It reminds me of Lisbon in a hot Summer’s day…

The pink basic tee is from Popbasic’s Jane collection,which is available from the 1st of July (only 3 days to go whoop, whoop!). The Jane collection also includes the necklace I used on the board and a black pencil skirt (not featured). If you’re thinking of ordering the collection, don’t forget you can get $15 by signing up here or clicking the Popbasic button on the side bar. 

On other Popbasic news, look what’s going to be available for pre-order from July 8!!!

Photo by Pobasic

Photo by Pobasic

Yes! It’s a red Le Breton!!! If you can’t tell from the excessive use of exclamation points, yup, I’m excited. How about you?

Photo by Popbasic

Photo by Popbasic

This was a long one hey? At least I tried to make it up to you by adding all these pretty images :), thanks to Popbasic/Maddy for sending them over. 

I hope you have an amazing weekend! I’m now off to the Auckland Arts & Crafts fair and hope to be back with a few goodies to share! 


More Travel Inspiration

Future annual leave plans have been of great inspiration lately. As Winter progresses around here, I can’t help daydreaming about the European end of Summer, the warm days and the long walks.

Wouldn’t this outfit be perfect to wander around a museum or art gallery? 



On other notes, I finally gathered some courage to do a pixie cut. It was a small step from my previous cut, really but, nevertheless, it took some reasoning in the lines of “don’t worry, just do it, hair grows back”. 

Have you ever gone for a haircut where you were challenging yourself or do you play it on the safe side? 


Summer Leather

Can you wear a leather jacket in Summer?

Well, I know that if we’re talking ‘Portuguese Summer’ the answer is definitely not! But in New Zealand the Summer is never as hot so I think this will probably work. In fact, this particular leather jacket looks just right for a cooler summer: not too light, not too warm.

Summer Leather

This last week I’ve been obsessing over Massimo Dutti’s current collection. I can’t help getting excited when I find a brand that reflects my personal style to a T. 

I also can’t help feeling that part of the reason why I identify so strongly with them is for cultural reasons. Everything is global these days but you can still find cultural idiosyncrasies in approaches to fashion. 

For instance, I find that Australia and New Zealand brands and fashion designers use a lot of blacks and dark greys in their collections. In the part of the world where I come from, black has long been associated with religious traditions, conservative approaches to life and, most of all, widowhood. Maybe for that reason, you hardly find any black items in Iberian collections. Navy? Yes, lots of it. But black? Maybe a dress (but please, not too traditional!). This appears to be the case independent of the time of the year. 

For a while there, I thought maybe I should start wearing more black. There’s a lot of it around here and it’s only normal to be inspired by what’s around you the most. Plus, there’s something quite stylish about it. 

But black it’s just not really my style. I’m an Iberian woman and MD’s collection speaks to me because it is a reminder that stylish and chic can come in the tones of our land – beiges and browns – and the colours of our hot Summer nights – dark navy blue.

I’m curious:

How do you feel your cultural background influences your style? Are there any colours you leave out of your wardrobe? And lastly, do you have a favourite shop that you feel caters to your personal style? 

::::Thanks for reading::::

Summer Travels

My Polyvore sets continue to be inspired by future travels and end-of-Summer city walks. 

Summer travels

That Zara bag recently caught my attention and I couldn’t resist adding it to my shopping list. I think it’s the perfect size for walking around a city in those warm late-Summer days. I don’t usually wear black or buy black accessories because I find it a bit boring and life is too short for that. But the perforated details and the bucket shape make that bag interesting so I thought I’d give it a go.

The only way I could think to make that bag work for me was to pair it with bright and/or lighter items. I’m a big fan of that green skirt but, unfortunately, it’s from an earlier Popbasic collection which is completely sold out. The t-shirt and scarf are from the current Paloma collection which is still available. If you’re interested, I still have $15 towards your order. You can join here or click on the Popbasic button on the side bar. 

Hope you’re having a great week and enjoying life! 

:::Thanks for reading:::

Travel Light

 I see each travel opportunity as a chance to practice packing just the right amount of outfits.

I love preparing for a trip and start by spending time thinking about where I’m going, what the weather will be like, how long I’m staying, what I will be doing, and so on. This helps me define what outfits I’ll need and stop myself from over-packing before it even happens. 

The added advantage is that, even if I only pack the night before, it’s never last-minute packing. 

Today I’ve put together an inspiration board for a short stay in Paris on my way to Lisbon in early September.

I’m planning to spend most of the time at le Musée d’Orsay, and maybe pop into Shakespeare & Co. Other than that, I’ll just wander around and enjoy the architecture. All activities that require minimal fuss and comfy shoes, I’d say! 

Travel Light

What about you? Any tips and tricks to travelling light?