Shoes News: The New Josefinas

15 Apr

The good thing about signing up for newsletters is that you’re kept up-to-date with what your favourite brands are up to. Sometimes, you’re also given the opportunity to see and pre-order a collection before everyone else.

For example, this morning I had a lovely email from Josefinas sharing their new Spring/Summer 2014 collection – 2 days before it goes out to the rest of the World. 

Now, pre-orders don’t really work for me. In an attempt to stop being an impulsive buyer, I like to take my own sweet time before I move ahead with a purchase. But, hey, at least I get to see these beauties and share them with you today! 

Josefinas Pre Collection SS 2014

On the flip side, I though I had my favourite Josefinas sorted. These news have thrown me off balance. Now, how can I possibly decide which pair to buy?! They’re all gorgeous!! Which one would you pick?? 

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On Basics

13 Apr

With time, I have learnt to appreciate that basics may not be the same for everyone. In fact, for many years, I struggled to fit some commonly advertised basics into my wardrobe, even when it just didn’t feel right for me. White tees, for instance, seem to be a fashion media favourite - how many times has the sentence white tee with jeans for effortless casual style been printed?! No matter how much I tried, white tees just didn’t do it for me.

Slowly, but surely, I started rebelling against the concept of universal basics and realized that, while there are items in my wardrobe that I would consider basics, they are no longer determined by the suggestions of magazine x. 

These days, my basics are items that have been determined by my evolving style and personal taste. Of course there always external influences – no one lives in a vacuum. But these are items that I have found to work perfectly for me. 

Striped tees are on the top of my basics list

Striped tees are on the top of my basics list

Such fashion or style-related personal discoveries may seem futile or superficial for some. However, if you scrape the surface you may find that this is more about being free to find your own ground, becoming an independent thinker and using your personal style to express your autonomy, individuality and uniqueness. 

Personal growth can be achieved in many ways, and a style journey is as good an opportunity to grow as any other!

What about you? Are your basics your own? 

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Walk the Walk?

10 Apr

H&M is launching its Conscious Exclusive collection today. The Conscious and Conscious Exclusive collections are part of  H&M’s attempts at creating a sustainable fast-fashion (and fashion in general). 

I am curious to see if it’s possible to balance such opposing concepts but the folks at the Swedish multinational have already started to take several steps towards balancing its social and environmental impacts. It looks promising but I’ll reserve my right to further praise until we start seeing outcomes. 

The collection itself is made up of pieces that create a beautiful mix of textures and fabrics (organic and recycled). Inspired by Flamenco, the collection features garments with intricate designs of brocades and lace. In order to keep it from becoming too heavy, balance was created by introducing silk and flowy pieces.

If all that H&M is claiming to do to promote fashion sustainability and mindful consumerism is true, then I wouldn’t feel too guilty about picking up the pieces below!


H&M Conscious Exclusive: My picks
What do you think? A marketing campaign that makes good use of the trending shift towards mindful consumerism, or a sincere step towards achieving real sustainability in fashion?
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White Trousers – A Study

7 Apr

White is not a colour that holds a strong presence in my wardrobe. For instance, I have never owned a pair of white trousers. Lately, however, I’ve started to feel like exploring the possibility…

Happy Monday!

White Trousers - A Study I

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Popbasic – Ashbury Collection

2 Apr

Popbasic’s Ashbury Collection will be released very soon. For this limited edition micro collection, Popbasic’s co-creators, Madeline and Coen, present us with a beautiful vegan leather skirt, a basic black tank top and a collar necklace. All these pieces present endless possibilities for pairings, particularly with other items in previous Popbasic collections, such as Le Breton.

Popbasic is also on Polyvore. This is my main style expression tool and I personally like when a brand engages well with the members of this community. And by “well” I mean in a way that promotes shared experiences and creates a sense of community. In return, the brand benefits from the input and feedback of consumers who are very dedicated to the platform. 

For the Ashbury collection, I picked up a Tweet from Popbasic encouraging Polyvore members to style the collection.

Challenge accepted! 

Popbasic - Ashbury Collection


How would you style the Ashbury collection? Would you use Polyvore to express your ideas? 

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Brand Focus: Cuyana (part II)

27 Mar

It’s about time I shared part II of my Cuyana list, as promised. Mornings and evenings have started getting a bit chillier in Auckland this week. I could really do with, well, all of the below? OK, maybe not the infinity scarf yet. It’s only just the start of Autumn and days are still sunny and warm.

How is it going around your neck of the woods? Starting to enjoy Spring? Or also a warm end of Summer? 

Wool goods
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The Jacquelyn Stripe Dress

24 Mar

This dress caught my eye during a Pinterest scrolling session yesterday. I don’t usually pay much attention to Marc Jacobs (or any other big brand designer for that matter) but I have a thing for this type of stripe pattern so I got a bit excited.

Naturally, I had to find it on my Polyvore and play around with it – this always helps me from clicking on the “add to bag” button!! That, and not knowing where an item is manufactured…I tell you, brands need to start being more forthcoming about where they have their products manufactured and add this information to their online content. Is this something you would also like to know?

To end this post on a lighter note, don’t you think this is something the other Jacqueline (the K and the O) would wear? Just add the oversized glasses! 

The Jacquelyn Dress

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